About Megan Elizabeth

“Who can find a virtuous woman? For her worth is far above rubies.” Proverbs 31:10

Hey there, I am Megan Elizabeth, thanks so much for popping in!

It truly is an honor to spend time with you over the inter-webs and share encouragement, inspiration and life with you! The above verse is my hearts desire since I was a little girl…I truly want to seek to live, life above rubies, and it is certainly the challenge of a lifetime!   The greatest desire I have is to encourage you in just some small ways live life with purpose and hope, all while having a blast learning and growing in our crafting and learning to have fun using the Cricut all while enjoying the moments of day to day life!


I am first and foremost Mommy to three amazing blessings…Bensen, Jenavieve and Gradyn. (I’m sure you hear a lot about them they are the best!)  I love the Lord my God so very much, apart from Him I know I would be nothing and just desire to let my life song bring Him glory.  I homeschool my kiddos, I am in a committed relationship with coffee, I adore a good lipgloss and I am crazy obsessed with fun singing!

AboveRubiesStudio.com was started as a simple hobby site to teach others how to use the Cricut & to help me with my postpartum depression in 2008. However, not gonna lie, the entrepreneurial spirit in me along with the knowledge and skills I had in marketing and online development, quickly grew ARS from a simple outlet for me, into a full blown business with hundreds of thousands views, subscribers, friends and more!  The award winning Cricut Educational DVDS, Cricut Cutting Guide, and CHA Top Innovating Award winner, By Megan Elizabeth scrapbook line, has been a joyous journey for me since the beginning!  I have grown much since the start of Above Rubies Studio and I’m blessed and thankful to share so much more than ever before!

I have taken my love for educating others, encouraging and inspiring their own entrepreneurial spirits to LifeAboveRubies.com where I share my experience, skills, secrets to my success and more to help others who want to grow their own blogs, businesses or just reach life goals in a fun and easy way! We like to show you how to have Business. Life. Balance. The WayThey Want It! #BizLifeBalance

Now it is time to come back around full circle and create with each of you again!  I feel, this time, in a much more personal way!  SheMakes.club is going to be such an intimate, heartfelt crafting experience where you will learn and be inspired, but go far deeper in the story! — Your story, the one that matters most!