Document Your Stories, Enjoy the Moments & Make Your Life.

Inspires Creativity, Community, Venerability to enjoy life through processing and documenting our past stories, celebrating the current moment and making intentionally a future to love.

Inspiration and education for every Cricut user, scrapbooker and paper crafter. Learn to tell your story in a way that matters most to you. Simple, empowering tools and how to videos to easily make and create, (Even if you don’t think you’re artistic)! 

Find little moments to make each month and courage to tell your story that matters.

Clearer understanding of the Cricut Die-Cutting Machines and Design Space.

Empowering creativity with exclusive monthly cut files. Tell the stories that matter! Each picture maybe worth 1,000 words, but let's get those pictures from our digital devices into LifeBook/Scrapbook Albums and tell the stories, thoughts and feelings that matter most.

Close knit community to share our creative stories, process life, celebrate our moments and make an intentional future!

"Safe" space to share stories and be inspired. Fun place to receive exclusive content, downloads and creative cut files.

Enjoy Paper Crafting and DIY on a whole new level.

It doesn't matter if you've never made anything before, we will show you the tools and give you the courage to create with confidence.

Does this sound like you?

  • No clue how to use Cricut Machine.
  • No time to create
  • Not creative
  • No clue where to begin
  • Not a tech or graphic person

About Megan Elizabeth

Megan Elizabeth is wife, busy Mom of 4, QVC Home Solutions & DIY Expert, lover of all things coffee, singing and creativity. She loves Jesus and may cuss a little but this girl is covered in His grace and desires to bring a little corner of peace, inspiration and encouragement to this great big world.

Megan has been an expert in paper crafting and Cricut education since 2008. Creator of the #1 selling Cricut A to Z DVD Series and Cricut Cutting Guide, she has brought numerous amazing products to the crafting world including her CHA Top 20 Innovating products in 2012, Paper Layerz.

Is this for me?

  • Crafters and Makers - Pre-Beginner, Beginner, Intermediate Hobbyist and Advanced Makers all have something here! Crafters looking for community and creative inspiration
  • Crafters looking to learn how to actually use the dang Cricut Machine and Design Space and all the technical tools and things that make crafty easy, even if you have no creative genes in you.
  • Crafters looking for motivation and ideas to get up and make something!
  • Crafters looking for tips, ideas and time saving hacks!

  • Someone who has no interest in crafting or creativity whatsoever.
  • Someone who is completely perfect! LOL - just kidding - but really, if you are perfect, I so am not and we are not looking for perfection here - just growth in how we can be better than yesterday!
  • Someone who choses Negativity and Nastiness if they don't like something. We really do honor, love and grace here!
  • Someone who fully understand as is an expert in Design Space already.
  • Someone who needs to go deeper than what each icon is and how to use them precisely.

Lets get started!

Easy and quick understanding of Cricut machine and products.
Encouragement and Inspiration for daily living and creativity.
Real, heartfelt stories of my life and other women’s journeys to become the version of themselves they most want to be and celebrate the life in pictures we have to make with.


Each month for $19.97

Semi Annual

Every six months for $113.97


Each year for $207

So what's included?

-Monthly Live Creative Workshops (It’s like a monthly virtual crop with all your crafting besties – Second Friday of Month 9:30pm recorded for any time participation)
-Exclusive Cricut Cut Files (SVGs/PNGs) for each month’s theme
-All ad free – all of the time – including Pre-Release Ad Free experience for all byMeganElizabeth Videos!
-Insider news and special releases to Members first
-Exclusive Tutorials and How to Videos
-Bonus Digital Course/Classes
-Fun Giveaways and Members Only Prizes
-Monthly Downloads and Journaling Prompts
-Archives and Vault Access Library
-Live Check Ins, Quick Inspirations & Encouragement Chats
-On Demand Access to 31 Day She Makes Her Life Challenge
-On Demand Access to 30 Years of Photos All Caught Up Mini Series
-On Demand Access Cricut Cards for Any Occassion
-On Demand Access Cricut Christmas Crafts from the Vault
-On Demand Access to Cricut Expression A to Z from the Vault


Most frequent questions and answers

Not at all! While there are a lot of fun Cricut videos and cuts used, the Journal prompts, featured scrapbook kits and tutorials don’t require you have a Cricut to enjoy making with us.

She Makes! is a monthly membership that will automatically be charged to the payment method you choose at time of purchase. You may select a yearly option for a discount to pay upfront should you choose! You may also cancel your membership at anytime and RISK FREE for 30 Days, but once payment is received for new month, refunds will not be given.

No there isn’t!

I do believe in long-term commitments to success if you’re ready to change your life! However, sometimes programs we try just don’t mesh with directions we want to go, so my commitment to you as a member is that you may step away at any time and we will make that process very easy for you to complete! I don’t like hassling anyone, ever!

Yes, our web-systems and shopping carts are 100% secure through PayPal, regardless of which payment method you choose to complete your transactions.

That answer actually all depends on you!

Which is an awesome benefit of your membership to make it fit your needs! If you ask questions during the Live Question & Answer events or submit a project for one of the Member-Featured Helps (and it’s selected), then yes you will! However, if you don’t participate, then no you won’t be able to reap those benefits.

As a member, you will have 24/7/365 access to all content in the Secret Facebook. Previous videos, Encouraging Moments Clips, Cut Files, Worksheet Downloads, Inspiring Printables, Tips and Techniques, Exclusive Posts, Community Help and much more will always be at your finger tips.

I am all about encouraging conversations, interactions and community. From time to time as people interact, dramas can creep up and I want to express how much the environment of will be kept positive and encouraging! I thought laying out a few simple ground rules would help keep conversations from turning into hurtful, shouting matches or discourage member participation. I ask that you not post things that would discourage others from entering into this community that we want to keep inspiring life change and welcoming results in a less than positive world!

So, as a member, here are a few things I want you to keep in mind, “the rules” if you will:

You may disagree with other members. I welcome discussion and even debate to offer different perspecitves and points of view. However, I am going to ask that if you disagree with someone, please do so in a way that is respectful and honoring of that other person.

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In short, the goal of this membership is to host interesting, inspiring and encouraging conversations with caring, honest, and respectful individuals. I believe these simple rules will help in facilitating and inspiring this.

You can always contact Megan directly using this form HERE and our support team will filter through technical questions, and questions you need Megan to answer directly.

I know this is something that everyone struggles with! I know it! If you’re anything like me, you want change, and you want to shuffle it all, but you just aren’t sure how to balance it. I’m going to be helping you learn to find time and prioritize areas of your life to enjoy it to it’s fullest and better. Not only that, the courses are designed to fit YOUR schedule and needs. There will be LIVE Q&A Sessions to get direct access to me, but everything gets recorded for you to view at times that are suitable and even pausable to come back to when you need. These courses will help you crush that TIME FEAR Monster that lerks in many areas of our lives and keeps us from living the life we truly desire!

I certainly will hate to see you go because I believe so heartfully in life changes, but I promise you that I will not keep you or your money hostage to this membership! If for ANY reason at all you are not simply delighted to be a member and enjoy the courses, videos, downloads and community – no questions asked, no hard feelings, no hassle, I will refund your first 30 Days 100%!!!

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