Cut with Confidence Crash Course Cricut Design Space

The Complete Crash Course to Design Space is finally here! In this 11 Module Video Series PLUS 4 NEW Bonuses Video Classes being added July 2022, you will learn all the functions and features of Cricut® Design Space and how to make with confidence anything your imagination desires!

Is this you?

  • Have you struggled with how to use or even what Weld, Attach, Slice, Flatten…you know…all the things really do?
  • Are you tired of trying to search through hours and hours of YouTube videos only to MAYBE find an answer but actually are still left more confused?
  • Are you so intimidated by your Cricut® you haven’t even pulled it out of the box yet because, well, you just don’t feel that tech savvy?
  • OR, how about this one? You just are sick of wasting time, materials and generally just feel flustered or frustrated by Design Space?

Help is here!

It’s time to cut with absolute confidence with this Crash Course to show you in a simple format all of the most asked about Design Space functions and features.

Each of the 11 Modules breakdown each piece of Design Space.  We will go over each function and feature and what they do so you won’t feel lost and wondering why this didn’t work for you any longer!

This video course is set to take at your own pace with progress bar shown so you won’t loose your spot to watch at your own pace and convenience!  Having a teacher on demand makes it that much more fun!

Plus! This course is done in a very concise style to take you through everything in right around 2 hours…this makes learning your Cricut fast, but impactful to creating whatever you can imagine!

13+ Years experience at your fingertips!

Hey there, I’m Megan Elizabeth, and if we haven’t met before…one of my favorite things since 2008 has been Crafting with my Cricut® Machines.  I have been teaching Cricut® users to think like their Cricut® and Master their Making for the last 12 years! I am the Maker behind, Above Rubies Studio, She Makes Club and 7 of the most popular selling educational DVDs (Cricut® A to Z, Gypsy A to Z, Imagine A to Z to name a few….) and creator of Paper Layerz, award winning paper line.  I want to bring the ease and joy of crafting right into your home!  I hope we can have some fun getting to know each other in a virtual way like I have over 180,000+ other Crafters through the years.  I have complete confidence that you will enjoy making with your Cricut® and understand the basics of Design Space in no time at all through this Crash Course! I can not wait to see what you make once you get started to Cut with Confidence!

Get Cut with Confidence Crash Course Today!

LIMITED Price $22

Just SOME of What Each Modules Includes:

Set Up & Main Menu of Design Space. Making your first cut, right out of box!

Using Cricut Access or Your Own Images, Inserting Images on your Mat. Searching Images and Image Sets.

Using Text & Shapes, Uploading your own Fonts into your iPad or iPhone for Free!

Using all the Actions functions and features, to Group, Weld, Slice, Attach, Flatten, Hide Contour and all those questions of how!

Using all the Editing functions and features, Color Sync, Using Layers and MUCH More…


Total Crash Course of every Design Space Button and Feature:

Learn how to use:

  • Group/Ungroup
  • Attach/Detach
  • Weld
  • Slice
  • Flatten/Unflatten
  • Hide Contour
  • Some advanced functions
  • How to Upload and Find Images
  • How to Upload Custom Fonts
    • Monograms and Split Letters
    • Phrases Shortcuts and Making DIY Phrases
    • Curve Text Design
    • Offset Designs – Inner Layers and Outer Layers

Each video is an easy to understand tutorial actually seeing step by step over the shoulder how to!  It is like sitting in a craft room with your virtual Cricut® Besties to enjoy making together!

You will get loads of inspiration on how to put these functions all  together to make anything you desire.

Avoid HOURS of searching Youtube to MAYBE find the answer you need for Design Space questions, actually learn in these bite sized videos broken into 11 Sections with a total watch time of just under 2 hours, you will have confidence to create in no time

Free Bonus #1

Cheat Sheet Workbook with quick
reference guide to Actions functions!
$29.00 Value FREE!

– ADDED NEW Functions Sheet July 2022

Free Bonus #2

This Is Us SVG and PNG Pack
Start making and creating with your own Uploads!

Bonus #3 Comes with Completion of Course!

Upon completion of your course, you will receive your Certificate of Completion and Craftiness as a Cricut Creator! You’ll love unlocking this accomplishment! Make a fun layout or frame it in your own Craft Room!

Get Cut with Confidence Crash Course & Bonuses (all together a $178.88 Value)

Special Pricing Now Only $22.00

NEW BONUS UPDATE #4 (Value $79.88!!!!)

  • 4 BONUS Cricut Classes Added on Sunday’s throughout July 2022!
    • Class 1 July 3, 2022 Monograms Everything for easy customized and professional creations
    • Class 2 July 10, 2022 Phrases, finding and using predesigned phrases and how to easily create your own
    • Class 3 July 24, 2022 Curve Text, how and why to use curved text in your Cricut Designs
    • Class 4 July 31, 2022 Offset, how to offset letters and shapes for creating layers and dynamics to your designs!

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